Find Your Advisor

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I am planning to earn a degree, diploma, or certificate at ECC, and I am NOT in high school.

Follow these steps to find the name and contact information or your advisor.

  1. Log into
  2. Click on Student Planning
  3. Click on Plan and Schedule
  4. Click on Advising

E-mail most often is the easiest way to communicate and schedule a meeting with your advisor. If preferred, call the main line at (252) 823-5166, and follow instructions for departmental listings. To contact your advisor from a computer using your ͼstudent email account, type in your advisor’s name and his/her email address will populate.

If you have attempted to contact your advisor but have not received further communication, please complete the .

I am a high school student taking courses at ECC.

All Career and College Promise students enrolled at ͼare advised by Mrs. Shawn Dawes. She can be reached by email at

I want to take courses at ͼbut do not wish to earn a degree, diploma, or certificate from the institution.

All curriculum students enrolled at ͼthat are not degree seeking are assigned a special credit advisor.
Please contact:

Sherlock McDougald
Special Credit Advisor