Fees for WorkKeys® Assessments and Career Readiness Certificates

In accordance with State Board of Community College Policy 23 NCAC 02D .0201(a) (1), ͼ (ECC) is permitted to establish specific fees. With regard to the service of providing the proctoring and scoring of WorkKeys® assessments and awarding of North Carolina Career Readiness Certificates the following policies are established.

As a partner in the implementation of the North Carolina Career Readiness Certification (CRC) initiative, the following fee structure is adopted.

WorkKeys® Assessments


3 CRC Tests & Scores $45


Applied Math $15
Workplace Docs/Locating Information $15
Graphic Literacy/Reading for Information $15
Applied Technology $15

The cost of WorkKeys® assessments and CRC’s for ͼ (ECC) Students who are completing a certificate, diploma, or degree program will be waived for the taking of a first set of CRC assessments. However, any subsequent assessments (re-testing), the student will be charged the fee(s) described above.

ͼdistance learning students who choose not to take WorkKeys® assessments at an ͼcampus may take assessment at any WSP location at their own cost.

Latasha Sledge
Human Resources Development Coordinator
Office 159, Fleming Building, Tarboro Campus
(252) 618-6611