Welcome from the President

Welcome to ͼ! Since 1967, the faculty and staff of ͼ have been dedicated to fulfilling the educational, training, and cultural needs of our students and community.

Today, we remain dedicated and committed to this mission by being highly responsive, innovative, and collaborative. To work alongside such wonderful and loyal people both at the College and in the community, it is a tremendous honor and privilege to serve as the fifth president of ͼ.

Having taught at the middle school, high school, college, and corporate levels, I have always had a deep appreciation for the opportunities that a great education can provide to individuals and their families as it did for me and mine. ͼ, like all community colleges in North Carolina, provides a variety of opportunities for individuals through academic degree, diploma, and certificate programs that lead to jobs or further study at four-year institutions; programs aimed at middle and high school students; economic development initiatives that strengthen our local workforce and businesses; basic skills and adult education training; summer camps for children; as well as social and cultural events for the entire family.

Whether you are a student, business partner, local resident, or visitor, we welcome you to ͼ and look forward to the opportunity to serve you. Working together, we can help our graduates do anything and go anywhere. If we believe it, we can do it, and ͼ is a great place to start! Thank you!

Dr. Gregory K. McLeod